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Today we want to talk about the creative process that we’ve gone through making Incident Report. As we mentioned before, we tried a few different formats for Incident Report but they never quite fit. Returning to our original idea of a comic series was the best way to get those stories out into the world.

There was only one problem: none of us knew how to write a comic book. Brian studied film writing, Mary’s background is traditional prose novels and Mark’s storytelling experience comes from table top game mastering, and the occasional novella.

Moving back to a comic format meant challenging the ideas we’d had about pacing and plot. One of the toughest changes was removing what we had long considered to be our ‘cold open.’ It was a huge departure for one of our storytelling cornerstones, though the scene now lives much more comfortably in the second issue.  This revised opening, however, created space to showcase what we thought was special about Incident Report and the International Chimeran Administration much sooner than before.

Shifting around things we had taken for granted gave us one of our favorite lines from the first issue:

Thinking in a visual medium was a drastic but exciting change. On one hand it meant that our process would take longer due to the art, but it also meant that we would be able to share in the excitement of those visuals right along with you, the readers.

It gives us more control over what you can see to create an in depth look at our world and the characters who live there.

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