Finding an Artist

Welcome to part two in our creative process chronicles! If you missed part one you can find it here.

The process

Finding an artist was equal parts nerve wracking and rewarding. Even after we had finished the script, people always wanted to see the art – and frankly, we did too. We had spent a lot of time imagining things for ourselves, and it was time for use to take the next step.
The things we had taken for granted in comics we read were suddenly at the forefront of our minds. Framing, tone and style were all tools we still had to learn so it was time for some research. We pulled a bunch of our favorite comics and looked around our local comic shops for inspiration.
We knew we were going to deviate from the traditional costumed super heroes, so finding a less stylized artist seemed ideal. Someone who could handle super powers and advanced technologies was a definite must. There are more comics now than ever before so we had plenty of places to explore and find a style that worked for us.

Mark has the uncanny ability to find people with immense talent (he should have been a Hufflepuff). He found a handful of potential artists and we narrowed it down from there.
So we reached out to people. Some of them got back to us, some of them didn’t. We got some sample pages but nothing quite felt right. Characters didn’t fit the descriptions or panels did’t flow the way we expected. The only deadline so far had been the one we gave ourselves so we wanted to make sure we launched with the right creative team on board.

our artist

Then we found Ryan Best. Pictured above is some of his work from the independent comic, Heroes of Echo Company. We had unknowingly seen his work in Age of Darkness: Cinderella at our local comic shops as well. The more we saw of his work the more we liked it. He was able to do inks and colors in addition to line art, which was a bonus for us.
Getting the first sample pages from Ryan was exhilarating. Finally we had faces to names and scenes were coming to life in every email we received.
Ryan’s our artist. This is our comic. Being patient after so long is hard but there is always more to do. So for now, we tease with sneak peeks and relish in seeing our world come to life.

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