Before they were anything, the creators at Attic Door Media were fans. And then the world changed. The stories they knew changed. The way they consumed stories changed. So they changed with them.

As South Florida natives they are constantly surrounded by truly unique locations, characters and stories that they want to bring to the forefront of their narratives. After meeting in college they discovered a shared passion for story telling and love of comic books, gaming and science fiction.

The Creators

History of Attic Door Media

In 2011, Brian and Mary decided that they needed to tell a new kind of story. Inspired by a tabletop game they had been playing, they began to question traditional superhero roles and stories. But why? is a question they found themselves asking more and more. After many false starts they decided to throw caution to the wind. No one was telling the stories they wanted to read so they decided to tell the stories themselves.

Once Mark joined on, things progressed quickly and just over a year into their new partnership they announced their first comic series, Incident Report.

Since then, the team has added Cici Affini, who has been working hard on her first series, Mythfall.

Mary G. Puppo

Mary is a South Florida native who enjoys genre bending works of fiction. She loves to take an academic look at the history of being a fan and the impact that superheroes and science fiction have had on society.

Brian Sippin

Brian has a passion for making things. Also from South Florida, Brian got his first comic at around six years old:  “What If? #25: What if the Marvel Heroes had lost AtlantisAttacks.” This may be a contributing factor to his love of Marvel and constant “what if-ing.”

Cici Affini
Customer Support

Another South Florida native, Cici has been Attic Door Media’s secret weapon almost since the beginning! Cici has a deep love of sci-fi and fantasy which inspired her to tackle her upcoming epic, Mythfall!

Mark Romero

Mark is a South Florida native with a strong background in marketing.  He is a long time Game Master and his passion is to tell intricate, surprising stories.