Surprise Update!


I hope you’re staying safe and well. I’m here to let you know about a secret side project Mark has been working on! You might have heard about his script writing projects on stream, and this is one of them.

Mark has joined up with Ryan Kroboth, the talented artist behind the Sunmaker series. The pair are developing a short comic for the upcoming Not So Fair Tales anthology organized by John Edingfield II that will be launching this year! If you’ve enjoyed one of our Ducktales on stream, you’ll love this take on the classic beanstalk story. It’s told from the perspective of a goose and I’ve heard it’s a honking good time!

Check out the first 2 inked pages of our anthology story by Mark and Ryan!

We are still streaming 3x a week on Twitch!


  • Tuesday, 9:30PM EST: Watch Mary play Star Wars: The Old Republic and decide whether she goes light side or dark side.
  • Sunday, 8:30PM EST: Follow Mary and Cici as they try impossible, nerdy builds in The Sims 4 and suggest more #BadIdeaBuilds for them to try.
  • Saturdays 8:30PM EST: Wildcard day! We play all kinds of games.

Stay Tuned for more! And Stay Super!

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