Not So Fair Tales!

We mentioned a few weeks ago that Mark Romero, the writer on Incident Report, would be part of a new fairytale anthology called Not So Fair Tales

You can get a FREE 40-page preview of the Not So Fair Tales anthology here!

This preview includes 5 complete short stories from talented indie creators.

Mark is working on a Jack and the Beanstalk inspired tale with the terrific artist Ryan Kroboth from the Sunmaker series. But they are just 2 of the 35 amazing creators contributing to this anthology.

The creators include:

John Edingfield II

Ryan Kroboth

Mark Romero

Dave Lentz

Angela Oddling

Russell Nohelty

Nic Touris

Mike Connell

Kevin Manklow

L.K. Ingino

Jorge Luis Gabotto

Clay Adams

Phillip C. Butehorn

Sonya Kinse

Joe Ryan

Enrique Lopez

John Muller

Sigmund Torre

Carlos M. Mangual

Geoff Weber

Marimar Lopez

Andrew Russell Birkett

Markus Pattern

Dave Hingley

Matt Buttich

Jay Mooers

Rusty Gilligan

MJ Massey

Brant Fowler

Lisa Moore

Cesar Gutierrez

Will Allred

Martin Plsko

How to Get the Full Book:

Even more great news: Not So Fair Tales now has a Kickstarter launch date!

May 31st 2021 

Make sure to sign up at the link to get a reminder when the Kickstarter goes live! We’ll keep you posted as this project gets closer to launch.

Stay Super!

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