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Behind the Scenes – Mythfall

Mythfall Logo

Today we have an update from Cici! ‘A few weeks ago, I sent you our splash page with the planet of Zymera behind a shattered moon. Here it is again:   I’m still really proud of how this page came out, so I wanted to give you a behind the scenes look at how the […]

New Emotes!


It’s back to the grind for us at ADM, but with a little extra fun thanks to some new ADM Emotes for Twitch and Discord! They feature the Attic Door Dust Bunny who lives in the attic among all the boxes. Check out the new Dust Bunny emotes! As you can see, he’s a bit […]

New Year, New Updates

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Happy new year! 🎆🎇 We are so happy to say goodbye to 2020. We already have some good news! We’ve gotten the first set of colored pages back from MythFall and they look fabulous! Enrica’s colors really highlight the drama of Allie’s incredible inks. Check out the beautiful colors by Enrica Eren Angiolini! These first […]

Mythfall Updates & Designs!

Mythfall Logo

We hope you’re having the best holiday you can in this 2020 landscape. In 2021 we’re looking forward to the vaccine rollout and hugs! We’ve been working with Allie and Enrica on getting pages out for MythFall. Allie needed Cici to add colors to our in-world logos for ZEDO (Zymeran Exploration and Diplomacy Organization). This […]

Updates & Kickstarters, oh my!

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Happy October! Do you have any spooky plans? Do you enjoy pumpkin spice season? Let us know on our private Discord server. Stop by and we’ll say hi! Follow us on Twitch We’re streaming on Saturdays, Sundays, and Tuesdays, so follow us on Twitch to see what we’ve been playing and encourage us to give […]