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Today we have an update from Cici!

‘A few weeks ago, I sent you our splash page with the planet of Zymera behind a shattered moon.

Here it is again:



I’m still really proud of how this page came out, so I wanted to give you a behind the scenes look at how the planet of Zymera was designed!


1. My Original Map

Five or six years ago I got really into drawing maps for each of the planets in MythFall. Maps are a really great worldbuilding tool for sci-fi and fantasy properties. They helped me understand the flow of actions and events around the world. I’m not an artist or cartographer, so my maps were a bit rough. They were drawn in pencil and scanned into the computer, so the line work is not so neat. But, luckily, it meant I had them on hand when Allie requested a reference for the planet.

2. Allie’s Inks

Allie took my rough map, which had always been flat, wrapped it to the globe of Zymera in her inks, and placed it in a beautiful star field behind the shattered moon. This change shifted the way I’d always imagined the continents. I can’t underestimate how cool it was to see the map conformed to a circle like a real planet!

3. Enrica’s Colors

I was hype for the inks of Zymera, but I was definitely not prepared for how cool the colors would be. Enrica took what started as my simple sketch, and added not just colors, but landscape textures and clouds. The result was more lifelike than I could ever have imagined! The process of making this comic has resulted in dozens of little moments like this one as different characters and concepts I had only imagined become concrete and realized in the hands of these incredible artists. Here’s a closeup of planet Zymera and it’s moon:

We are still streaming 3x a week on Twitch!


  • Tuesday, 9:30PM EST: Watch Mary play Star Wars: The Old Republic and decide whether she goes light side or dark side.
  • Sunday, 8:30PM EST: Follow Mary and Cici as they try impossible, nerdy builds in The Sims 4 and suggest more #BadIdeaBuilds for them to try.
  • Saturdays 8:30PM EST: Wildcard day! We play all kinds of games.

Stay Tuned for more! And Stay Super!

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