Incident Report Update!

I’m stoked to be able to bring you an Incident Report update this week!

Due to some 2020-based delays, it’s been a struggle to get the final pages in for Issue #2. I’m glad to say that these are now fully inked and with our colorist. We’re back in the swing of things so stay tuned for more Incident Report news!

In the meantime, we have a fantastic new variant cover to show you for Incident Report Issue #2. This cover is by Miskatonic High’s Ryan Mendoza!

Check out Ryan’s awesome cover!


Who is this mystery man at the center of this crime board? If you follow our Instagram page, you might have heard about him, but you’ll definitely get to know him in Issue #2. And yes, you haven’t seen the last of Josh/Mr. Sunshine either.😎 He’s down at the bottom. This is now our second Issue #2 cover by a talented artist named Ryan.

Check Out Ryan’s Kickstarter!

If you’d like to see more of Ryan Mendoza’s fabulous work, check out his brand new Kickstarter for Miskatonic High Issues #1-10 with Mike Shea. They launch TODAY and we’d love for you to swing by to check out their video and maybe toss them a few bucks.


Projects We Backed

Miskatonic High: Issue #10 

Madcap Cthulhu Teen Drama

What started as a simple magic lesson in the Dreamlands soon turns into a nightmare Alex and the teens might never wake from.

Check out the Kickstarter

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Stay Tuned for more! And Stay Super!

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