Incident Report & Mythfall Updates!


Boy howdy, do we have some updates for you!

We’re elbow deep in Kickstarter planning for Incident Report Issue #2!


Incident Report Issue #2 – Inked Pages

We’ve been getting some beautiful inked pages back from Ricardo. In this one, you can see some of Carver’s backstory.

IR 2 Inks

If you’ve read the short stories…

This page might look familiar. Vlad inspects Carver’s office and learns some details about her past.

Check out our Short Stories

Incident Report Issue #2 – Our New Colorist!

Our next step is to send them to our new colorist, Javi Laparra. We’re so incredibly excited to have Javi on the project. His work is amazing! You can see some here and more on Javi’s Instagram.

Incident Report Issue #3

Yes, we’re still working on this! Issue #3 is written and with our fabulous editor, Claire Napier. Once Ricardo is done with the inks for Issue #2, he should be able to get started on layouts issue 3 right away!

MythFall Issue # 1

Allie is working her way through the layouts for the Issue 1. (It’s 30 pages so there’s a lot to do!) Keep an eye on ADM’s Instagram account for new art. We’re introducing MythFall character designs. We have a really fun cast that we can’t wait for you to meet. 

Meanwhile, Cici talked about MythFall, making comics, and lots of other geeky topics with our friends at

The Geekiest Podcast!

Listen Here


There are a few more updates in the works for MythFall that we’re not quiiiiite ready to announce yet so stay tuned for our next update!

All we can say for now is, prepare to be wowed! We’ll be back in 2 weeks for another update.

If you can’t get enough ADM content, we’re also streaming games on Tuesday nights on our Twitch channel. Follow our channel here: – be sure to tune in!

Until then… Stay Super!

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