Issue #2 Cover Reveal

Hello from quarantine! We hope you’re having a safe and fun July. We have some news to brighten your Tuesday.

Check out the new cover art by Ryan Best!

Ryan Best, our original artist for Incident Report Issue #1 has designed a beautiful cover for Issue #2. We could not be more excited about it!.

Isn’t it glorious?

I hope you’re ready for more super powered toddlers in Issue #2! On the cover is Anne’s husband, Ben, with their son, Milo. You’ll get a chance to meet Ben and Milo in Issue #2.

Get more details here!

Issue #2 Progress Update:

Pencils are 50% Done! Ricardo has thumbnailed and penciled 50% of issue #2. After he finishes pencils he’ll get started on inks. After pencils and inks are done, we’ll send the pages to the colorist and get started on producing Issue # 3!

We’ll be back in 2 weeks for another update. Until then..

Stay Super!

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