Writhing Unknown Coloring Book

We are releasing a Writhing Unknown coloring book! The Writhing Unknown have been around for many years and have gotten their fair share of love but we’ve finally decided to introduce them to the Attic.

A form of abstract art that comes from the mind of Brian Sippin, he describes them as:

“The Writhing Unknown are my weird, wiggly, undifferentiated brain babies. Think Lovecraftian horror tumors but in a cartoony style. Sometimes they have a theme or intent behind them but often they’re random — but strangely appealing — clusters of wiggly bits. When I first started, I didn’t know who they were or even what to call them, just that I wanted to keep drawing them. I eventually called them The Writhing Unknown ’cause that’s exactly what they are.”

Head on over to their new page to check out an exclusive downloadable sample. Stay tuned for more updates!

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