Welcome to Attic Door Media

Whether you know Mark, Mary or Brian individually, by reputation (yikes), or found us on your own, collectively we’re Attic Door Media. And we are super excited that you’re here!

After years of working, we are pleased to announce our upcoming comic series, Incident Report. It’s been a long road with more than a few stumbles and detours but it is finally happening.

So you’re probably wondering what even is Incident Report?

Incident Report is a modern-day super-powered comic book centered around agents for the International Chimeran Administration. You can read a little more about them by checking out our Incident Report page!

Starting off with our favorite development: the amazingly talented Ryan Best has signed on to do the art for our first issue.

The next big step will be our very first Kickstarter launch. It will be a busy time so sign up for our email list and be the first to receive updates!

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