Happy New Year!

I hope you’re having a happy 2019 and basking in the glow of fresh resolutions.

Looking back, this has been an exciting year for us. Last January, Incident Report was an intangible concept.

Now, one year later, Ryan is inking and coloring the final pages of our first issue. The comic is more real than it’s ever been, though it’s still technically digital.

Which leads us to our Kickstarter. We have another new development!

We’ve recruited some writers to work with us to expand the setting. They’ll be writing a few short stories, each with a unique take on some aspect of a world where superheroes are an everyday part of life.

Backers will have first access to these stories when we release them with issue one. We’re still finalizing our rewards tiers while Ryan is finishing inks and colors on the last pages of issue 1, so stay tuned for more updates!

Happy New Year!

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