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We hope you’re having the best holiday you can in this 2020 landscape. In 2021 we’re looking forward to the vaccine rollout and hugs!

We’ve been working with Allie and Enrica on getting pages out for MythFall. Allie needed Cici to add colors to our in-world logos for ZEDO (Zymeran Exploration and Diplomacy Organization). This is the division where Malkan works! Check out the new colored logo designs!

Zedo 2 v

The in-world logos have also been getting colored. We have the patches that go on the uniforms of ZEDO bodyguards and diplomats! We’re all excited about this logo and Cici hopes it makes a great sticker, which I’m sure it will! We also have a logo for space ships and other transport vehicles on Zymera. Check out the new colored logo designs!

ZEDO Patch
ZRT Logos

That is a LOT of Mythfall updates! But don’t worry we have some more news too – specifically where you can find us and how to interact with us!


Join Us On Twitch!

We’re now streaming  THREE times a week on Twitch! 

  • Tuesday, 9:30PM EST: Watch Mary play Star Wars: The Old Republic and decide whether she goes light side or dark side.
  • Sunday, 8:30PM EST: Follow Mary and Cici as they try to build their favorite superhero logos as houses in The Sims 4 and suggest more #BadIdeaBuilds for them to try.
  • Saturdays 8:30PM EST: Wildcard day! We play all kinds of games – there will definitely be some shenanigans!

Come hang out, join us and follow for all our Twitch updates!

ADM Twitch

Join our Discord!

Join server to chat with us and get more updates on MythFall and Incident Report! Plus, get news, gaming updates and maybe even get some behind the scenes looks at the furry members of the ADM team!


ADM Discord

Stay tuned for more news & updates – have a happy holiday season. 

As always, stay safe and stay super!

Mark, Mary, Brian & Cici

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