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What if you told a lie that changed the course of history for thousands of years? This is the story of such a lie and how it eventually came crumbling down.

The year is 2150. Alien diplomat Malkan Terasmus is responsible for keeping peace after a princess went missing on his backwater planet. Though his bosses pulled his funding and hung him out to dry, Malkan's not about to give up. But unrest is growing and the force behind it is older—and more magical—than he expected.

Explore new worlds with this epic genre-spanning sci-fi fantasy.


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MythFall is a masterclass in worldbuilding. Cici Affini and her ADM team, Allie Preswick & Eren Angiolini, deftly introduce readers to the world of Zymera, helping us feel at home, while also leaving us eagerly wanting to find out more.

Mike Connell,
Mad Quill Comics, Writer/co-creator
The Bestiary: Feral - A field guide to the new world

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