Tibbots have lived in the attic for as long as they can remember. Their knowledge of the human world comes from what makes its way into the attic. They have begun exploring the human world more and more in recent times. These curious creatures have big personalities they can’t wait to share.

Meet the Tibbots

Philo has a deep unwavering love of all things electronic. He has a special fondness for computers but sometimes gets distracted. Often he’s blamed for crashes, caching and generally weird behavior. He gets a bad rap among humans due to his mishaps. Humans are a fascinating mystery to him and he is one of the few Tibbots who views humans as individuals. Philo desperately wants to make a connection with every human he meets. Friendly and curious, he has an unending supply of energy and enthusiasm.

Shelley is a small but fierce Tibbot. Like her friend Philo, Shelley has taken a liking to humans – at least human children. She has taken it upon herself to act as their guardian, often hiding in windows to protect them from the Unknown. She is slow to trust strangers and prefers to interact with children. She will often visit them near bedtime to ensure safe passage to dreamland. She will sometimes stay a few hours and explore. Shelley has contributed much to the Tibbots current understanding of children.

Cal – whose full name is Calmund – is a bit of a trouble maker who enjoys making things difficult for humans. His favorite pastime is to steal thoughts from unsuspecting strangers. If he’s bored that day, he may leave them out of reach rather than steal them outright. He can come off as jaded and callous, but he loves his home and wants what is best for everyone who lives there.

Jax has an over eager thirst for knowledge, no matter the form. He is well informed and loves to share his knowledge with everyone, human or Tibbot. He is what humans have described as a “eureka moment” to the chagrin of his fellow Tibbots. A bit of a neat freak, Jax is also known to return lost or stolen thoughts to humans so as not to clutter up the attic. His desire to know the history of the attic makes him a valuable resource