Social Media & Crowd Funding

Welcome to part four in our creative process chronicles! If you missed any of the other posts, you can check them out them here, here,  here, and here!

Staying Connected

Indie creators have more tools available to them than they ever have before. Social media and crowdfunding the two most obvious. Both played a huge role in bringing Attic Door Media (and especially Incident Report) to life.

Mark and Mary have a experience with the platforms, and a long history of blogs and social media accounts. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter give us access and visibility to a larger creative community. We learned early that these tools give us more control over our work than we would have had even five years ago.

Kickstarter gives us the ability to do print run. It grants us a much larger area distribution – it also gives us the chance to work with some amazingly talented people.

We haven’t had too many updates for you guys but we’ve got one for you now: Paulina Ganucheau has agreed to do a variant cover for us!

We have wanted to do something special for our first issue and one of our favorite things is variant covers. 

Paulina’s done amazing work for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, BOOM!, Image, and almost everyone else we can think of! We’ve seen her covers all over our local comic shops and we are ecstatic to finally tell you guys. Not telling the last few weeks has been rough, but we wanted to make sure that we had everything straightened out before we told you. 

We have all of our pencil work from our artist Ryan (who will also handle the regular cover) and now he’s working on getting us the inks. 

Everything is on schedule to launch our Kickstarter in January!

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