Incident Report Updates & Cover Reveal!


We’re still preparing for our Kickstarter launch. There have been a few delays, but the ADM Team has been super busy! We’re waiting on a few last minute pieces to come in before we can move forward. 

We want to try and find the positive in the delays, because they are very frustrating. And these delays come with three: 

  1. You get your stuff sooner after the Kickstarter. The last thing we want is to leave our backers waiting and getting some of our rewards in before the Kickstarter will shorten shipping times.
  2. Better Rewards. We used the extra time to restructure some of our rewards tiers. Backers will now get more bang for their buck on each tier, which we’re excited about. We hope once we launch you’ll be excited about it too.
  3. Lastly, and this is a big one for us, we learned a LOT about the creative and Kickstarter process. Even though we took the Comix Launch course and all deal with projects professionally there was nothing quite like jumping in. We’ve hit some bumps and snags but each one has made this project stronger. 

But, it’s not all doom and gloom. We also have a few BIG EXCITING UPDATES for you!

The Minis Have Arrived (and they’re really cool)!

Our tabletop miniatures came in SUPER early. We were expecting these to take a while so that we have  them on hand is a HUGE relief to the whole team. We’re really happy with how detailed they are, and how the poses came out.

Agents Vlad and Anne!

Our Covers Are Ready!

To refresh, we have TWO covers – our standard cover and a variant

Our primary cover, on the left, was done by none other than our interior artist Ryan Best. He really showcases the two character’s personalities. 

Paulina Ganucheau did an amazing job giving our variant cover a little extra sizzle. 

Thanks for hanging in there! We’ll check in again soon.

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