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We Have a New Artist!

We’re splitting the inking and coloring process so we can produce books faster. We’re excited to work with Ricardo Arreola, who’s going to pencil and Ink Issue #2! 

Here are some character sketches he did for Issue #2: 

You might recognize Colin from the deluxe content in Issue 1. He’ll be making an appearance in Issue #2. To keep our adorable toddler quotient, you’ll also get to meet Anne’s son, Milo. And finally, here’s a preview of a new mysterious character from Issue #2: Colette.

Check out more of Riccardo’s gorgeous art on his ArtStation profile.

Issues #2 and #3 Progress Update!

  • Issue #2: The final script for Issue #2 is back from our fabulous editor, Claire Napier. We’ve sent it to Ricardo and he’s working on thumbnails for each page. We’re excited to share them with you soon!
  • Issue #3: The first draft of Issue #3 is more than 50% complete and will be ready to go to Claire.


Incident Report Issue 1 - Carlos Trigo Cover

The Vlad Variant Cover by Carlos Trigo is Almost Gone!

Incident Report Issue #1 is still available in our shop. We only have a few copies left of the Carlos Trigo variant cover with Vlad punching Mr. Sunshine. So if you missed out on it last summer, now is the time to pick it up.

Get your variant here!

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