Incident Report Logo Reveal

Achievement Unlocked: Logo Acquired

Have we got a surprise for you! We spent a long time trying to come up with the comic title (who doesn’t?) but we fell in love with this pretty immediately.

Incident Report is special to us, and not just because it’s our first comic. (Though that makes it special in its own way.)

By now, it has been the works for almost seven years! In that time, we’ve overhauled the plot, character, and format. It’s been a television pilot (twice) and a novel. But last year we decided the best way to tell this story was to get back to the roots of what we loved—and that was comic books.

We’ve had innumerable late-night meetings all over South Florida. We’ve had quick, twenty-minute calls to check-in and long workshopping meetings in Denny’s, hashing out problems until 3 A.M. We’ve scheduled revisions on holidays and birthdays, and before trips. But for the most part, this work took place behind closed doors (sometimes the closed doors of a Denny’s).

The most exciting part is happening now: Getting to share these milestones with you has been an inspiring and validating experience. We want to thank you deeply for all of your support.

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